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As an indication, below are the routine services provided (all parts are extra). 

If you are unsure what needs to be done to your bike, start with a Basic Service and then upgrade to a Standard Service on the day if additional components require servicing.

As a guide:  a standard service is required about once a year  or  1000 - 2000 miles.

A Full overhaul is required about every 5 years or 5000 miles

                            Basic       Standard   Full 

                            Service   Service      Overhaul


Frame                   C              C              C

Headset                C              S              O

Bottom bracket   C              S              O

Tyres & rims         C              S              O

wheel hubs            C              S              O

Nuts & bolts         C              C             C

Brakes                    S               S             O

Gears                     S               S              O

Chain                     S               S              O

                             £30          £50        £120


C - Check - item is inspected for wear, damage & correct fitment  


S - Service - item is inspected for wear, damage & correct fitment then  adjusted & lubricated (without dismantling)


O - Overhaul - item is dismantled, inspected for wear & damage then re-assembled & lubricated as required

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